Tech Support

Tech support is an ongoing and omnipresent department of all companies. It is the backbone of sales and marketing, ensuring every customer is well taken care of – and any issues resolved, at the earliest. Tech support over time has also turned into a USP for many companies. As they have begun focusing on tech support, customer retention has also seen an upward swing.

For tech support, while KPIs are important – every time you beat them, the customer wins and customer loyalty increases. At Versatile Mobitech, we aim to not just be your trusted partner for relevant tech support, we strive to improve speed-to-answer and speed-to-resolution as well.

Our team of experts in the domain are domain experts and share an abundance of cross-knowledge.

Tech support from Versatile is cross-platform, ensuring your customer’s issues get sorted at the quickest – be it on phone, chat, email, SMS or social media. We are here 24/7/365 as your global support partners in local languages. All our staff members have the right blend of etiquette and soft skills to make your customers feel valued

As the frontmen of your business, we not only solve customer issues, we also help company growth by exposing the shortfalls and issues that can be modified and fixed. This not only improves your processes and makes your company better at what they do, it can also help implement savings as you are reducing the number of customer pain points.

Here are some of the departments/problem points we handle

  1. Customer sales and support services
    • Payment support
    • Order processing/provisioning
  2. Pre-sales support services
    • Lead generation and qualification
    • Order management
  3. Post-sales support services
    • Troubleshooting and problem resolution
    • Installation support
    • Warranty support
  4. Managed technical support services
    • Network support
    • Remote network services
    • Remote server services
  5. Enterprise technical helpdesk services
    • Knowledge management
    • Application support
    • Software support

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